Skriv ut

Rhubarb Compote


  • 8 stems Rhubarb (normal size)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 0,5 cup water
  • 1,5 tsp ginger (fresh grated)
  • 2 pcs cinnamon sticks


  1. Wash and rinse the rhubarb. You can peel them if they are rough before you cut them into 1 inch pieces.

  2. Start the your Instant Pot and heat up your cooker on Sauté. First place some butter or oil and let it melt before you sauté the rhubarb. After a couple of minutes add the sugar. When the sugar has melted add water spices. Stir. Turn off the Sauté-function.

  3. Close and lock the lid of the pressure cooker.

  4. Press manual and adjust to 2 minutes. Allow the pressure to naturally release for ten minutes.

  5. Let the compote cool before you place it in your fridge for a couple of hours before serving. And don't forget to pick out the cinnamon sticks!